Basic Spine with CCI (Construction Classification International)

Digital projects gain advantages by working with a common data standard and quality-assured data. You can implement CCI (Co-class International) and work with your project in Spine€™s digital cloud platform. In this training you will learn how to digitally implement CCI classification into your project with Spine - both in the platform and in the Revit integration.

Course content for Spine with CCI

Learn how you can secure that data is validated and the same in all model files. Learn to work in Spine with 3D-model files and learn how to set up and control other properties€™ information in the project.

  • Connect the 3D-model files with the overall project data
  • Learn how you can map with CCI
  • Learn the difference between classes, types, and instances and why it is important
  • Learn to validate all project data and models before hand over.
  • Map data in Revit with CCI

When you sign up to this virtual training, you also get 3 months free access to Spine Advanced with a project and integration with Revit. You will be able to continue the project after the training and we will also setup an one-to-one demo session. 

Benefits of participating in the Spine with CCI virtual course

Learn how to implement CCI classification digitally into your projects
Learn how different roles secure correct data, good BIM and a validated data environment
Control and validate your data in the project
Learn how a structed approach can help you deliver in accordance with project requirements

Expected outcome

This on-line training deals with learning about Spine platform and integration with Revit. You will be able to continue the project after this training and we will setup a one-to-one session for 30 min when you need this.

This course also includes Spine Advanced with a project for 3 months.

Expected outcome

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Susanne Lund

Susanne Lund

Denmark Business advisor

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