The basic course Revit Architecture in English

The basic course Revit Architecture in English gives you a solid base to start a project. From the basic features such as walls, doors, and drawings to the more advanced parts such as glass curtain walls and stairs.

The vision after the course is that you should be able to independently start up a project or participate in a project with other more experienced users.

Day 1-2: Learn basic modeling, editing and view management
• BIM introduction
• Revit User Interface
• Hierarchy and basic terminology
• Navigation
• View creation and organisation - Plans, Elevations, Sections and 3D views
• Drawing tools - Walls, Doors, Windows, Floors, Ceilings, Roofs and Components
• Modification tools - Copy, Mirror, Rotate…
• Visibility graphics - Selection and Section Box
• Material Editor
• Rooms and areas
• Color legend
• Stairs and Railings

Day 3-4: More advanced features and deeper insight into Revit and documentation tools.
• Schedules and data extraction - Export to Excel
• Wall modification, Wall Sweeps and Reveals / Curtain walls
• Massing and Site tools
• Perspective views
• Annotations and tags
• Details in Revit – Drafting / Call-out views
• Sheet creation and organisation / Printing
• Linking and exporting
• Design Options
• Conceptual Massing
• Worksharing
• Basics of Family creation (parametric box)

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