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Juha Kanto, Business Development Manager | IoT
Juha Kanto Business Development Manager | IoT Sähköpostijuha.kanto@symetri.com Puhelin+358 40 5606 634

InUse IoT Solution

Make machines and humans interact on the same platform.


InUSe IoT solutions from Symetri

InUse a SaaS application, transforms connected machines’ data into concrete recommendations for operators on the shop floor or individual machines. InUse empowers the workforce with collective intelligence to significantly improve people industrial performance using powerful social learning method.



InUse will help companies to address challenges related to 

  • Predictive, preventive and curative maintenance
  • Energy consumption optimization
  • Changeover assistance


What if your machines could talk? 

With InUse Solution, your product or machine becomes part of the social media and its community, sharing and posting information that makes sense. Machines and humans are interacting on the same platform! You can post, like, dislike, comment and set your favourites to see information what you need.


What are the connected machines telling us?

 Predictive Maintenance IoT  Curative maintenance IoT



They can also show real-time KPI’s, summary reports, location information, status and complete fleet availability as required.

InUse IoT Solutions KPI visuals

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Juha Kanto,
Juha Kanto Sähköpostijuha.kanto@symetri.com Puhelin+358 40 5606 634