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Jyrki Petsalo,
Jyrki Petsalo Sähköpostijyrki.petsalo@symetri.com Puhelin+35 84 08 65 64 44


Cutting-edge plug-ins for building design software

Xinaps’ tools empowers design professionals to design more efficiently by minimizing manual work and utilizing building data. The tools are the first to validate elements within a building model and visualize the outcome directly within the 3D design software. 

  • Automate manual work
  • Minimize repetitive tasks
  • Validate the building data real-time
  • Optimize the design flow
  • Analyze & visualize
  • Improve collaboration


What can you do with Xinaps?


Accessibility Evaluator

Measure A-to-B distances and accessible areas in minutes


Fire Safety Assessor

Analyze egress or fire hose coverage in an hour


Jyrki Petsalo,
Jyrki Petsalo Sähköpostijyrki.petsalo@symetri.com Puhelin+358 40 865 6444