Experience your Inventor model and data in Virtual Reality

Symetri in cooperation with Unity is developing an easy to use and quick solution to view Autodesk Inventor models in real time 3D.



  • Transform your Inventor model to real-time 3D in only 80* seconds. Once in the viewer you can look at it on a computer or tablet. With a press of a button, you have the data in VR or AR.
  • View your data; you will also get full access to the properties and information that was added in Inventor.
  • Show your product to customers and prospects anywhere, any time. No need to travel on-site.

What software and equipment do you need?

To view your Inventor model in real-time 3D all you need is a free viewer. To use the VR feature you need a compatible VR headset. AR works from mobile devices like an iPad.

Want to be part of the future?

If you want to stay up to date and be among the first to hear more or you wish to sign up to be one of the beta testers, please submit your interest on this page.

*Time equal to the example in the video on this page with 2784 parts.


Nurturing success – Andreas Näsman

16 maaliskuuta 2021

Andreas Näsman is the Sales Manager for the Swedish manufacturing team. His day to day work is all about supporting his team of technical experts, product developers and account managers and supporting customers directly.

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Symetri julkaisee Sovelia Visualizer -sovelluksen

03 joulukuuta 2020

Sovelia Visualizer on Autodesk Inventor -käyttäjille kehitetty uusi ratkaisu, joka mahdollistaa suunnittelutiedon reaaliaikaisen tarkastelun 3D-muodossa tai virtuaalitodellisuudessa. Kaikki mallin ominaisuudet ja muut suunnitteluvaiheessa lisätyt tiedot ovat käyttäjän saatavilla myös Sovelia Visualizerissa.

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