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Teemme yhteistyötä yritysten kanssa mahdollistaaksemme toimivien digitaalisten BIM-, tuotesuunnittelu- ja PLM-ratkaisujen käytön, jotta ihmiset voivat työskennellä fiksummin ja saavat enemmän aikaan vähemmällä. Siksi kumppanuutemme ovat kestäviä.


Västerås Stad

Loxia Group is a complete infrastructure partner that offers expertise within the entire chain; design, environment, geotechnics and project management.

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NewIcon accelerates deliveries to its customers through product lifecycle management

With all product information available in one place, it is now easier for NewIcon to manage the lifecycle of equipment from start to finish and the product documentation becomes easily available.

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BRUSH enables innovation and collaboration through change

Design & engineering data is one of the areas where changing current ways of working can have a huge positive effect across the whole company.

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Polarbröd designs and develops their own production premises with support of Symetri and Autodesk solutions

Swedens third largest bread producer develops their own production premises with support from Symetri and Autodesk solutions.

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Simplified, streamlined and automated processes at Nordan

NorDan has a long tradition of building and designing its own production machines. The company uses solutions from Autodesk and Symetri to construct and design the machines of their window production. The tools have simplified, streamlined and automated NorDan's

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The time of paper copies out in the field has passed

Thanks to BIM 360 Field, the whole building site is being digitised and not just the drawing and the model. All the work that so far has been done around the computer screen in the ‘building shed’ is now being moved out to the building site.

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Ripellino ensures growth with BIM

When the architectural firm Alessandro Ripellino decided to take the step to BIM planning, in order to meet changing purchaser requirements, it was important to have a user-friendly platform and to be able to deliver high-quality projects in a short time.

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The architect company A-lab solved a complex construction with BIM

Advanced BIM modeling made it possible to construct a 65.000/117.000 m2 commercial building complex, the Statoil building at Fornebu, Norway, in only 20 months on site.

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Etteplan improves the utilisation rate and cost monitoring of its engineering software with CQFlexMon

Do the right people have the right tools, and are the cost allocations going to the right team? In a large engineering company, managing several engineering software solutions is challenging without a good monitoring system.

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