Symetri brings BIM Track to Northern Europe

Scandinavia is a hotbed of innovation in the built environment. We are pleased to be able to offer the next step towards improved communication as the new BIM Track reseller in Northern Europe.

Symetri brings BIM Track to Northern Europe

BIM Track's mission is to help the construction industry thrive by enabling all teams to communicate effortlessly, without barriers.

“BIM Track first came to our attention via one of our consultants working on a big metro system in Sweden,” shares Jan Tore Bugge, Product Manager at Symetri. “After extensively evaluating, and meeting the team in person, we are pleased to announce this robust addition to our portfolio. BIM Track provides accountability and transparency for issue resolution, regardless of what software teams are using. Communication becomes accessible to everyone, making BIM coordination much less time consuming by removing manual tasks. They also offer an open API which will open up further productivity-enhancing workflows between BIM Track and our own IP solutions.”.

"We are pleased to have Symetri as our new reseller in Northern Europe." shares Christian Proulx, VP Sales & Marketing at BIM Track.  "Symetri works very closely with their clients, and truly understands their needs. They see the big picture, and the breadth of both their in-house solutions, like BIMeye and Naviate, as well as 3rd party tools, show this. We look forward to a successful partnership. "  

Learn more about BIM Track here.


Sovelia päivä keräsi yhteen Suomen Sovelia PLM ja Sovelia Configurator asiakkaat

18 maaliskuuta 2022

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