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BIMEYE - Your New Time Saving BIM Methodology

If you are working with BIM, you may find yourself reflecting on questions like the following:

  • “I don’t really see the “values” stated around BIM as actual results in my BIM-processes and building projects.”
  • ”How do I secure that I have a “digital twin?”
  • ”Can I receive all my different files and documents as a “digital delivery?”
  • ”How do I secure the hand over my building to operations & maintenance?”

If so, you’re not alone!

Challenges in the construction industry today

Currently, projects in the construction industry have special challenges related to digitalisation, well described in the research report” Mapping the Information Economy: A Tale of Five Industries”:

  • Employees in the organisation are less connected
  • Few general central nodes, but semi-central nodes are connected to the construction site / project
  • Large proportion of external parties outside the organisation in the construction site / project”

BIMEYE - makes BIM Collaboration easy and efficient

With BIMEYE, you let a cloud-based BIM data management system be the dynamic backbone of your BIM methodology. Hereby you eliminate these challenges and questions of doubt. By adding transparency, quality, efficiency and speed to your project management, you radically improve the collaboration in your construction projects.   

In short BIMEYE makes BIM Collaboration efficient, time saving and easy to work with from Idea to Facility Management.

It is a known fact that all building projects need a project portal to save and exchange different files, documents, models etc. To make this digital, dynamic and efficient, the data from these files and documents need to be saved in a real time updated common data environment; a project data portal, accessible to all stakeholders.

BIMEYE - a project data portal 

BIMEYE is the equivalent of a project portal for document management, only this is not based on files and documents, but on the updated live data from all the assets (building parts) of your project.

In a safe, speedy and easy to access common data environment, you and your colleagues, partners and stakeholders can contribute and withdraw updated real-time data, regardless of your roles in the BIM project.

This allows all project members to access the latest updated and correct information, bringing speed and quality to the construction project.

Practically, BIMEYE consists of best practices and process management procedures handling all the data in your projects in a safe environment.

Thus, allowing you to focus on your core business and work in a smarter way, independent of any BIM or CAD programs.

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