FIKSU Landscape

FIKSU Landscape

FIKSU Landscape is an application built for landscaping and green area planning. The application runs on AutoCAD and Civil platforms.

Landscaping and green area planning

FIKSU Landscape application produces efficiently quantity takeoffs and plans in various scales. The application runs on AutoCAD and Civil platforms, utilising, for example, the terrain modeling and cutoff functionalities in Civil.

The user-friendly user interface was developed in co-operation with clients. The application includes extensive symbol libraries, line type libraries, and raster pattern libraries, and a user-maintained plant database. Using the planted greenery, such items as plant quantity takeoffs are automatically extracted. The application can be used to plan roadside greenery plantations, separate park areas, walkways, structures, and drainage plans for the site.  

The libraries of equipment and furnishing manufacturers can be integrated into the application Together with M-Color plotting software, the application enables high quality printouts, including PDF and raster formats.


Timo Väyrynen

Timo Väyrynen

Finland Yhdyskuntasuunnittelun ratkaisut

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