Symetri investoi uuteen teknologiaan tietomallin tietojen jakamisen ja luokitusten yksinkertaistamiseksi

Lisääntyvät vaatimukset rakennus- ja infrastruktuurihankkeille lisäävät tarvetta luokitella tietomalleja. Symetri lisää valikoimaansa Spine-teknologian.

 Symetri investoi uuteen teknologiaan tietomallin tietojen jakamisen ja luokitusten yksinkertaistamiseksi

Symetri invests in technologies that improve information sharing and delivery in the AEC industry.


STOCKHOLM, 1st September 2020 – With stricter requirements from authorities, the building and infrastructure industry's demands to classify BIM projects, Symetri is now adding the Spine technology to its portfolio. 


We see trends for the digitalization of construction and building projects and getting new requirements to manage information deliveries. Therefore, the demands to support standardized classifications as CCI, Co-Class, TFM, Uniformat, NS 8360, Talo 2000, etc. have just started to grow. The building industry, digital twins, and maintenance must be classified and validated. It will now be much more manageable, efficient, and more accurate to work with data.


Symetri has identified a real opportunity to provide more value for our customers by adding classification and improved data quality to our customers. We have therefore acquired the Projectspine and it will now be a part of the Symetri Tech portfolio. Spine platform today supports the Danish standards CCS and BIM7AA, and we will now start the work supporting other Nordic standards.


The primary goal is to offer the AEC industry a market-leading solution combining Naviate and Spine technology to deliver classification and information management requirements throughout the design and construction process.

From now on, we will ensure that current and new customers can access the right solution for managing complex building information requirements in projects with high-quality digital deliveries as the outcome.  


With the acquisition we are at Symetri now ready to support our customers to manage classification and data on all BIM projects. The platform will enable us to comply with the classification standards in our different markets.


- With the acquisition of Projectspine Technology, we will further improve the capabilities of Naviate, our own Revit add-on, says Mikko Viertola, Director Symetri Tech. With the Projectspine's long-standing commitment to developing and support building classification, project data, and properties in the construction project, we see significant development opportunities. 


- We can now combine our solid experience in helping the Nordic construction and real estate industry optimize workflows, manage property data, simplify data management, and improve quality throughout the construction project's life cycle with Projectspine's customers better. We also welcome our new customers, to secure a smooth transition their contact person will remain the same, says Per Carlsson, Director Building & Infrastructure.



Per Carlsson

Director Building & Infrastructure, Symetri

+46 (0)70 295 33 10 / 

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Projectspine develops Spine, a cloud platform which is leading in the world of digital management and structuring of data in the construction industry. The platform ensures that all parties in the building project uses the same data structure and reuse codes, types and properties at all stages in the project. This provides much more precise data and greater security in regard to project- and financial management.