How ‘one source of truth’ is turning BRUSH into a manufacturer of tomorrow

A huge PLM-project is about to begin in order to create a fully integrated route from design to manufacturing. The new data sharing platform with SOVELIA as its core, allows BRUSH to embrace the era of agile manufacturing and globally allows the business to operate on a ‘One single source of truth’ methodology.

How ‘one source of truth’ is turning BRUSH into a manufacturer of tomorrow

The Generator arm of the BRUSH Group, an independent manufacturer of turbo generators and transformers, faced a true challenge. With three isolated engineering processes, tailored to suit each business unit, the company as a group had grown further and further apart. Each unit had the turning circle of a battleship, taking too long to make efficient changes to its processes and workflows. A big change was needed. In order to become more agile, more responsive and unify the different processes, SOVELIA was chosen as the umbrella solution.

"When SOVELIA was demonstrated for us we saw the value in where this new approach could take us and we fully trusted Symetri as the right partner. There was a genuine understanding of where we were heading and how we should get there," says Gareth Williams, Head of IT, BRUSH UK

Change became the key word in a large-scale effort towards a company-wide data sharing platform and the plan for #OneBRUSH, working together as a group began to form. One year after starting up the project some final steps still remain but great achievements are already being seen.

 "We can already see lots of benefits from making this change and better collaboration is one of them. We are enabling for data sharing across the company which will lead to a more efficient and streamlined procedure and secure an even more accurate delivery for our customers," continues Gareth Williams.

BRUSH UK was the first site to implement SOVELIA in March last year and the roll out become a true success. During the first half of 2019, the project is to go live globally and open for a company-wide sharing of data, making all information accessible whenever it’s needed and wherever it's needed. It will not only enable for improved collaboration internally and externally, but also assist future innovation. 

"It’s great to see how BRUSH showcase the potential of SOVELIA. They have really embraced changes and turned the challenges of tomorrow into new business opportunities where the use of SOVELIA is really coming to a head. We are proud to be a part of this journey," says John Bartle, Business Area Manager, Symetri UK

SOVELIA is a productive and easy-to-use PLM-solution developed by Symetri. 

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