Sovelia Plant (former Naviate Plant 3D)

Sovelia Plant (former Naviate Plant 3D)

Enhance your engineering with intelligent 3D modeling, streamlined P&ID workflows, and dynamic property management for seamless Plant 3D design

Sovelia Plant is based on international and local Nordic standards, which means that you as a user can work more efficiently with reduced risk of errors in AutoCAD Plant 3D.

Sovelia Plant includes functionality to facilitate pipe design. In addition, there is increased support for design data to meet current legal requirements, such as the Pressure Equipment Directive, and to ultimately be able to generate complete isometrics.


Get better integration between databases in P&ID Sovelia Plant

Sovelia Plant allows you also to edit data in any system with automatic updating.

In addition you will get access to:

  • More than 50 pipe standards (specs) based on local Nordic standards, such as SSG and PSK

  • SSG's pipe standards

  • More than 1,600 SSG pipe support with Symetri script for a more realistic look

  • P&ID symbols according to local Nordic standards

  • Custom report templates for both P&ID and Plant 3D

  • Custom Isometry Templates for Plant 3D

  • Smart features to improve workflow in P&ID and Plant 3D

  • AXELERATOR™ library of components

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Markku Koistinen

Markku Koistinen

Finland Director Finland, Product Design & Lifecycle

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