Welcome to the Sovelia family Andersen Mek. Verksted AS!

We’re thrilled that Andersen Mek. Verksted AS has decided to work even closer with Symetri!

Welcome to the Sovelia family Andersen Mek. Verksted AS!

Based on AMV’s needs to find a solution that can support in more accurate and efficient sharing of design data, revision handling, auto-generating secondary files and as a base for their products’ lifecycle management, company chose Sovelia that will be connected to Autodesk Inventor and Vault which AMV are using already.

AMV was also looking for a solution that can grow with their business and support with additional product lifecycle management needs in the future, for example ensure even better customer care with enhanced after sales & service processes.


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Morten Øverby

Morten Øverby

Norway Product Design & Lifecycle

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Symetri julkaisee Sovelia Visualizer -sovelluksen

03 joulukuuta 2020

Sovelia Visualizer on Autodesk Inventor -käyttäjille kehitetty uusi ratkaisu, joka mahdollistaa suunnittelutiedon reaaliaikaisen tarkastelun 3D-muodossa tai virtuaalitodellisuudessa. Kaikki mallin ominaisuudet ja muut suunnitteluvaiheessa lisätyt tiedot ovat käyttäjän saatavilla myös Sovelia Visualizerissa.

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